Cookie policy

Transparency is very important to My Handbag Heaven, and we are completely open about our use of cookies. Visitors to this website will have their visits logged by a cookie – a small text file which is saved on a user device to ensure subsequent visits are as seamless as possible. For instance, a cookie might record the products saved in your basket, so you can complete a purchase more quickly at a later date. It also helps us to understand how visitors to My Handbag Heaven use our site, so we can tailor future products and services around the needs of our customers.

We are happy for visitors to adjust the settings on their web browsers, to disable both main types of cookies:

Temporary session cookies, which expire when a web browser is closed.
Permanent cookies, of the kind described in the previous paragraph.

Please note that disabling cookies will prevent us from being able to process orders. We therefore encourage anyone visiting this site to approve the use of cookies, so they can enjoy the best possible user experience. Rest assured that My Handbag Heaven will never sell your details to third parties, and any information gained from the use of cookies will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Privacy policy

Retained information: My Handbag Heaven retains the minimum amount of customer data necessary to deliver our products and services. Our definition of personal data encompasses any information relating to an identifiable individual, supplied to us during a transaction or obtained through the use of cookies on our site. Please see our dedicated Cookie Policy [above] for more information on how and why we use cookies.

GDPR: Like all European businesses, My Handbag Heaven is fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation policy. We also adhere to GDPR data minimisation rules, which stipulate companies should only retain essential customer data; we will only disclose information to third parties when we are legally obliged to do so. Full details of the EU’s policies regarding personally identifiable information (PII) can be found on the GDPR website.

Enquiries: We will fully respond to any enquiries about the level of data we retain on an individual, and how it’s used. At the first available opportunity, we will provide a detailed written record of all personal information on file, in an electronic format and at no charge to the applicant. We will also honour any requests to delete PII without unnecessary delay, and we will unsubscribe you from any mailing lists as soon as is practically possible. You can withdraw your consent to be contacted by us at any point.

Data security: We take data privacy very seriously. My Handbag Heaven employs HTTPS encryption throughout our site, ensuring transactions are securely handled in accordance with the latest protocols. However, we encourage our customers to supply payment data across secure networks like home broadband accounts, rather than open WiFi networks in cafés or other public spaces. We accept payments through major credit cards using the Stripe secure payment platform, which has become one of the world’s leading payment gateway tools.

Social media: Please note that our social media accounts are governed by the regulations and policies of the platform owners. My Handbag Heaven cannot accept responsibility for the use of data collected by these platforms, or its subsequent distribution to third parties. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of individual social media providers for full information about how your data will be used. For example, Facebook’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

Questions: If you would like to contact us with any issues regarding My Handbag Heaven’s privacy policy, please email us at

Last updated: September 2019